New Jacksboro Fire Station Almost Done

The Jacksboro Fire Department is putting the final touches on a new station. The new building is just about ready, and the JFD will begin moving into the space in coming weeks. Fire Chief Jeremy Jennings gave our cameras a sneak peek at the new digs, which are much nicer than the old building.

The current fire station was built in the 1930's out of materials scrapped from the County Courthouse after a fire. The space is small, cramped and in poor shape. The new one is a world away and has been a long time coming. "Its been about seven years we've been working on this now," said Jennings.

The two story metal building features a large four-door rig room for the apparatuses. Its what's in the rest of the building that will help serve the Firefighters. "We've got a large training room now, we were kind of confined before to just a little small area," Jennings pointed out on the tour. "Our Fire Marshal has an office now, where over there we are kind of sharing offices now," he said. There is plenty for crews to do during down time. "We have a fitness room in here, it has a manhole in the floor and that is to do our confined space training," said the Chief.

There are two bunk rooms outfitted with new beds, and a private room for the fire officer on duty. Perhaps the nicest room on the upper floor is a fully outfitted kitchen. "We've never had a kitchen before so we didn't have a place to cook meals or anything like that, so we can cook meals now… We've got a lot of good cooks, so we hope we can have a lot of good meals up here," said Jennings.

The kitchen is built off a day room with oversized chairs surrounding a TV area. It will allow the crews to unwind between calls.

In all, Jennings said the new facility will help the Department better serve the people of Jacksboro. "We're really proud to have it, its going to serve the public well. Its going to serve us well, its going to expand our service were going to be able to provide better service to the citizens," he said.

The cost of the building was about $1.3M and was paid for by the City of Jacksboro. A grand opening celebration is set for early March.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6