Okla. House Leaders To Discuss Pensions, Reforms

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - House Speaker Kris Steele and members of the House's Republican majority will unveil new proposals for modernizing state government and propping up the state's
underfunded pension systems.

Steele and other GOP leaders plan a news conference Thursday to discuss the proposals. The Shawnee Republican has made government modernization and pension reform among his top priorities for the 2012 Legislature that convenes on Feb. 6.

Joining Steele will be Rep. Jason Murphey of Guthrie and Rep. Randy McDaniel of Oklahoma City.
Lawmakers passed legislation last year to close state pension systems' unfunded liability. They included increasing the retirement age for new hires and changing how the state provides
cost of living adjustments for retirees.

Legislative leaders say they will concentrate in 2012 on pension systems for firefighters and law enforcement personnel.