Return to Work Program for Job Seekers in Texoma

New funding is available for job seekers across Texoma. Workforce Solutions North Texas received its federal funding for the year but it is limited.

Work may be  just around the corner for job seekers in Texoma. Workforce Solutions Return To Work Program will help put people back to work.  Bill Scantlin, Business Services Manager at Workforce Solutions North Texas says, "The program is designed for those folks who are finding it difficult to find employment. The program is designed to give them the tools they need to make them more employable and get them back into the workforce as soon as possible."

Scantlin  says Work Force Solutions North Texas received  $300,000 in federal funding for its Workforce Investment Act Program. The funding is there to train or certify the eligible unemployed individuals in their chosen career paths. Scantlin comments, "It's like having a hand up rather than a hand out. It helps them become self sufficient. Once they realize they're capable of doing it then their confidence and everything else goes up."

Everyday the workforce facility stays busy with job seekers like Clodean King. Clodean says any program to help her succeed she will definitely take advantage of. Bill Scantlin says they want all job seekers to join Clodean and find success as well.

Workforce Solutions North Texas staff says they also offer a variety of other training programs and workshops to help job seekers in Texoma. Workforce Solutions staff also says their funding is limited so they encourage everyone who is interested to take advantage of the program soon. 

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6

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