Gang Concerns: Police Speak Out

Our team coverage continues on gang concerns in Wichita Falls. Police are giving us more information about recent violence that broke out on the Rider High School campus this week.

Wichita County Juvenile Probation is hearing chatter about a recent spike in gang violence. Now Wichita Falls Police Department is on the lookout. Sgt. Joe Snyder, with the Police Department comments, "What could have been just a small fist fight on a playground turns into so much more and panics a lot of people."

And that is just what happened Tuesday on the Rider campus. A fight broke out between two people who had identified themselves with gangs. Police say after the two people were questioned and interviewed, officials are lead to believe there was much less gang involvement then what they had originally thought. Sgt. Snyder says social media can really hype up the situation. "I think that's what happens in a lot of these cases. You see something that appears to be gang related and once you're doing the investigation and you've pulled back the Facebook curtain you find out that some of these people have nothing to do with gangs just bluff their opponents."

And now parents are concerned and scared. One concerned parent comments, "The fact that your kids have to grow up in that type of environment, it's really sad and disappointing. You don't want your children to be around that." But no matter the situation Sgt. Snyder says the WFPD will always handle each incident with precaution. Sgt. Snyder says, "We should assume that the monster is a monster sometimes until we've looked into it. But we've got to be reasonable and not scared."

Wichita Falls Police tell Newschannel 6 the two people who got into the fight where given tickets and taken to the Denver Alternative Center.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6