Gang Concerns: Rider High School Violence

There were several parents concerned about possible gang violence at Rider High School.  Parents alerted Newschannel 6, worried about student safety.

There were more police patrols in the area and extra security walking the halls Friday.

Wichita Falls ISD Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas said this was a direct response to two incidents at Rider High School this week.  He said making sure students are safe is a joint effort with the Wichita Falls Police Department.

"Certainly we have additional officers on campus we also have additional officers to patrol the campus in their cars and we certainly have appreciated their efforts," said Kazanas.

WFPD patrols could be seen outside Rider today and more security officers had a close eye on students inside. "Vigilant about monitoring hallways and monitoring students particularly before and after school and during passing periods," Kazanas said.

Kazanas said the officers were called by the school's security due to recent on campus violence.  A fight broke out earlier this week in a school hallway.  Ten students were ticketed for the violence and all were sent to an alternative center.   Then Thursday, graffiti was found on school property.  It was cleaned, but damage was still visible.

"Student safety is the utmost importance to Mrs. McDonald, Rider High and to the school district," Kazanas explained.

So important, McDonald, the high school principal, sent an email alerting parents about the situation.

Kazanas said, "We just want to show the parents that we will have a safe learning environment for their student."

With extra security measure in place it was, "business as usual at Rider High School. We began school as usual. The students when I was on campus were very cooperative," according to Kazanas.

The Superintendent also said a phone call was made to alert all Rider High parents and students.

Newschannel 6 obtained a copy of the e-mail the Rider High School principal sent to parents.  Click here to see it. 

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.