Wind Gusts Create Damage

Wind gusts upwards of 50 mph and at times even a little higher have died down, but for some people the damage is already done.

You could hear it and you could see it and for some people the end result wasn't what they expected.

"I heard a big crash and I came out thinking the limb had fallen," said Trish Davis.

It was part of Davis' and her neighbors fence, blown down from the high winds.

"We heard a big boom when it hit the ground. It was like no not again, last time we only lost two sections and this time five sections down."

Another home we visited had an uprooted tree and video we shot earlier showed tumbleweeds blowing across highways. The 50 mph wind gusts created poor visibility across the area.

"The dust was really bad we had to almost stop to get through some of those dust storms coming through," said Richard Steckley.

Steckley drove down from Frederick, Oklahoma to visit the city.

"We have a smaller vehicle and we didn't drive it because of the wind," he said.

Texoma is home to strong winds and we have seen severe damage from extreme gusts in the past. In September straight line winds created $100,000 worth of damage to an RV center in Burkburnett.

There were a few small fires in our area that firefighters responded too. They were able to quickly contain it.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.