BBB Warns Of Tax Scam

The deadline for filing income tax returns is less than three months away; however, tax scammers don't wait until April to begin preying on vulnerable people. The elderly and low income individuals are being targeted by flyers that claim little or no documentation is required to receive "free money" from the Internal Revenue Service. (IRS)

· This type of scam is being spread by word of mouth among unsuspecting and well-intentioned individuals who tell friends and relatives.

· Whether it is by telephone, emails or through social media, scammers try to bully and trick people into handing over their personal information.

· Beware of con artists who may pose as IRS or other government employees who try to perpetrate identity theft by asking for information such as a birth date, Social Security or bank account numbers.

· Similar scams promise hundreds of dollars in refunds if the recipient fills out a form and sends it back

· Remember the IRS does not request personal information by email or telephone.

For advice on finding a trustworthy tax preparer contact the BBB.