Wichita Falls City Leaders Make Plans for Improvement

The Wichita Falls Mayor and City Council met Tuesday to discuss city planning projects.  City Manager Darron Leiker shared the city's plans to improve the Municipal Airport.  Leiker says he hopes to keep city leaders up to date on the need and importance of future projects.

"For some years we've had on our plans to try to construct a new airport terminal at Municipal Airport," says Leiker.

It's a project that's been talked about for some years.  "We're walking down that road with council to discuss different in funding scenarios to help pay for that project," he explains.

Leiker says the Municipal Airport project will be big for the city.  He also stresses the need for newer facilities.

"We have a very antiquated, undersized airport for a city of our size and because of that we lose potential air passengers that would fly out of Wichita Falls."  Leiker says because of the small and older airport, the city is missing out.

Leiker says, "If we had a larger facility we might be able to attract more than one air carrier."

The project would be completed in three phases.  Improvements to the parking lot and entry road would be first, followed by a second phase focusing on terminal construction and finally an aircraft apron or ramp.  Leiker says the city could bring in more money through a new and improved airport.

"We want to try and upgrade the facility so that more local residents and businesses will choose to fly out of Wichita Falls rather than drive to Oklahoma City or Dallas," he says.

The project would cost more than $30 million.  Plans are already being drawn up for the project.

Phase one of the Municipal Airport could begin in October and should finish up in the fall of 2014.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.