Federal Funds Dry Up, Nortex Worried About Public Safety

The money flowing into Texoma from the Department of Homeland Security is shrinking drastically it could start to affect your safety. Two years ago the Nortex Regional Planning Commission received more than a million dollars in the funds. Last year the money was slashed to about a half million, this year is half of that. The money had been used to get things for the region to help keep you safe.

It purchased things like radio systems and Hazmat trucks. But now, the funds are going away. "The bulk of this money has been through the federal resources. It has diminished across the last couple of years," said Nortex Planning Commission Executive Director Dennis Wilde.

Wilde said the group will manage with what funds are available, but he worries for what the lack of funds could mean for public safety. "You're going to see it more and more become antiquated over time we won't have the dollars to replace some of the radios or some of the hazmat units or command trailers. We will continue to use what we have as long as we can but I think sooner or later the antiquated equipment will catch up with. It could have a dramatic effect down the road… The further away we get from 9/11 I think the more the focus is shifting in Congress until we have another terrorist event then you'll see the money flowing down for homeland security again," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6