Judge Declares Mistrial In Sexual Abuse Case

The judge has declared a mistrial Tuesday in the sexual abuse case against Charles Dyer in Stephens County District Court.
After opening arguments this morning, the defense moved for a mistrial on the grounds that the District Attorney's office had improper contact with some of the jurors prior to the trial.

The  impropriety concerns three jurors who sat on other panels last week.  After those trials were over the D.A.'s office sent them surveys, which is standard procedure, asking their opinions on how the proceedings were conducted.  Two of these jurors are seated in the Dyer trial and the other juror in question is an alternate.

Prior to the motion for mistrial, prosecutors and defense attorneys had laid out their cases during opening arguments.  The mother of the victim had taken the stand. She was in the middle of her testimony when the motion for mistrial was introduced.

This is the second trial on the same charge for Dyer.  His last trial ended in April in a mistrial as well.  Dyer is accused of raping a 7-year old girl in 2010.