North Texas Area United Way Raises More Than $1 Million In 2011

The North Texas Area United Way announced their Campaign 2011 Victory Report today at a luncheon in Wichita Falls. The total amounts to $1,138,546 for the year.

Despite a sluggish economy the last few years, United Way Board Of Directors representative Dottie Murphy Morrison said, "Well there is no decrease in volunteer work, but there has been a drop in income and the amount that we had hoped and projected to raise. But we are sitting at 80% right now [today], and we think we will make 100%."

And she says, that money alone is reason to celebrate.

All the money raised goes to a number of Texoma non-profit organizations, in an effort to strengthen the community. The total wasn't all they hoped for, but the organization expects more money to come in and count toward 2011's total.

The United Way focuses on three pillars to focus their service and monetary contributions. These are education, income, and health. The money raised goes to funding programs with these pillars in mind.

Brittany Glas, Newschannel 6