Wichita County Precinct Map Changes

A Wichita County precinct map is awaiting approval and precincts are being added to the already existing 35.  The map has not been approved yet.  The County Clerk says the Department of Justice has a 60 period from the submission of the new precinct map to approve changes.

"If the maps are approved and everything goes the way it is we will go from 35 precincts to 59 precincts," says Bohannon, the County Clerk.

Bohannon says although precincts will be added, the number of polling sites will not change, but because of the increase in precincts some people may have to visit a different polling location.  "We are changing a couple of places to accommodate more of a centralized location," she says.  But many locations will stay the same.

This is all just proposed.  The new county precinct map has not been approved yet by the Department of Justice.

"Everything that we do any changes we make or anything we do we have to get approval from the Department of Justice and they have a 60 day window from the day of submittal," Bohannon says.

She says the map was submitted in December meaning the 60 day window will be approaching soon. The next step will be changing voter I. D. cards.

Bohannon says, "Once we get approval for the county we can go ahead and start doing our changes to things on the cards, but we cant send cards out until the state lawsuit is settled."

This new map is a process that happens every ten years.

Bohannon explains, "They go by population wise, voting age and minorities."

And ten years ago there was also a big change.

"We dropped from 53 to 35," she says.

Bohannon's office realizes these changes could confuse some voters, but she says they will work hard to make things as clear to the public as possible once the map is approved.  "So you can always call and ask where do I go vote, we get a lot of those calls too."

Once the map is approved the county clerk says polling locations and any changes made will be on their web site and also on the states web site.  We will also have that same information on our web site.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.