Speed Limits Rising On Some Texas Highways

Speed limits increasing to 75-miles per hour on some Interstates in Texas has been approved by TXDOT.

The change will be on almost 1,500 miles of Texas roads, including some interstates in Texoma.

11 miles of Interstate-44 in Wichita County will increase as well as parts of I-35, I-10 and I-45.

TXDOT's Public Information Officer Adele Lewis told Newschannel 6 that we will have to wait and see when we asked if on whether two-87's speed limit will change.

"One of the roadways that comes into factor here is U.S. 287. There's a possibility that the speed there could be increased to 75 mph, but we have to wait until the study's done, until the transportation commission also approves it, and we can get the signs up. So right now no promises," said Lewis.

Remember the speed limit does NOT increase until new signs are posted. Until then you will likely get a ticket for driving 75.