Girl, 5, Accidentally Hangs Herself on Playground, Dies

A community is coming together in mourning, remembering the life of a 5 year old girl who died on a playground. Wichita Falls Police tell us that just before 3:00 PM Thursday, someone called 911 to say there was a girl hanging by a rope from playground equipment at the High Point Village Apartments at 5500 Professional Drive.

Neighbors tell us the girl was found hanging, and people rushed to help. Police said the girl had been playing with a jump rope on the playground equipment when she somehow became entangled. The girl accidentally hanged herself. First responders rushed her to United Regional Hospital, but she was unable to be revived.

News of the tragedy spread throughout the complex. "When I heard it chills just went up me and I just thank God it wasn't my child," said neighbor Kena Scheer. "Its devastating to hear that somebody's little child was out there and died."

By nightfall, the crime scene tape once around the playground had been replaced with flowers brought by mourners. Among the crowd gathered in shock was 20 year old Christa Ralls, holding her baby. "I think about my own kids," said the mother of three "My babies are really all I have, I live every day for them, so if it would have been me, I couldn't handle it."

Among the shock and sadness in the crowd was disbelief that an accident like this could happen. Many questions wondering how were still outnumbered by those of why. Still, nobody could find words they would share with the grieving mother. "I don't know what I would tell her right now. I know she's going through a lot of grief and a lot of turmoil right now," said Scheer, now a grandmother. Those with kids of their own know there's no words that can mend the hearts of the girls mom. "I probably wouldn't say anything," noted Ralls, Scheer agreed. "I think I would just be there to comfort her and tell her its going to be okay."

Out of respect to the family, Newschannel 6 elects to not release the young girl's name. Police Detectives combed the scene, they found no signs of foul play, according to Sgt. Joe Snyder. The girl's body will be sent to Tarrant County for an autopsy.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6