Texoma Girl Laid To Rest - Remembering A Young Life, Lost

Services were held Monday January 30th, for the five year old girl who died last week in an accidental hanging.

Over 100 friends along with family members paid their final respects to Rebekah Cataño.

A family continues to grieve the loss of a five year old girl. We are learning more information from Wichita Falls Police about what happened leading up to the accidental hanging death of the child. We are also hearing from the family of the girl.

Newschannel 6 had elected to not publish the name of the girl, but with the family's blessing we are able to report her name is Rebekah Cataño.

According to Wichita Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Joe Snyder, Rebekah's mom told investigators the girl had forgotten her jump rope at the playground. Snyder said the mother told police she allowed the girl to go back and get the jump rope. When the girl did not return immediately, Snyder said the mom told them she went to check on her. According to Snyder, the mom told investigators five minutes had passed between when she let the girl go after the rope and when she discovered the girl hanging from the monkey bars. "There is no indication of foul play," said Snyder. He said the mother is not facing any charges in this incident "We haven't found any crime occurred," he said. The little girl's body is in Tarrant County for an autopsy, which Snyder said is standard procedure anytime a child this young dies.

Those who live in the High Point Village Apartments around where the tragedy happened are still working to come to terms with the situation. A memorial that started Thursday night continued to grow Friday. Flowers were left by those impacted by this tragedy. Neighbor Kena Scheer said it was a rough night trying to process what had happened. "That could have been my son and it just devastated me," she said.

Scheer turned to her Christian faith and her family to get through. "Today I was sitting here listening to Christian music listening to my Christian channels and something just told me pick up the phone and call my son and let him know I love him and that's what I did," she said.

She can't imagine being in the position of little Rebekah's mom. "I'd of probably been devastated… I probably wouldn't be right here right now I would probably be in the hospital for a breakdown," said Scheer. She holds onto faith to get her through, and wishes she could ease the burden the girl's mom is dealing with. "I try to put myself in her position. I just thank God every day, and hopefully we can come together and help this young lady."

Family members told Newschannel 6 they could use help with Rebekah's final expenses. If you would like to contribute, contact Owens & Brumley in Wichita Falls at (940) 322-3181.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6