Car Slams Into House

A car slammed into a home in Wichita Falls Sunday afternoon. It happened on 25th and Jasper.

The woman inside the home suffered a minor head injury. The driver of the vehicle and the passenger are fine. The driver says she learned a lesson, never to drive on city streets while she's still learning.

What was supposed to be a lazy Sunday turned in to something much more.

"Lazy is a good way to describe it, but her nap got interrupted," joked Bill Niles.

His sister was asleep inside her rented home when a truck slammed straight into the front of the house, knocking down the front wall. It went straight into the living and bedroom area, barely missing the kitten.

"She was asleep at the time in the bed and she woke up in her bookcase, which you look across the way you can see it was across the room," said Niles.

"The only thing going through my mind is just, did I just kill somebody," said 23-year-old Stormy Smith.

She was the driver and says she was turning right off 25th onto Jasper when her foot slipped of the brake pedal and hit the accelerator, hitting curbs before slamming into the home.

Her brother was inside the passenger seat, with no phone on him, he went to a neighbors and
dialed 911. Stormy Smith stayed behind and looked to see if anyone was inside.

"I was crying and I went to see if she was OK because the only thing going through my mind is what did I just do."

Shaken but alive the women was soon taken to the hospital.

"I'm just glad that God showed his mercy and that no one was hurt," said Smith.

An hour later a tow truck arrived to remove the vehicle, and evidence of a  miracle was clear.

Two cats escaped from the house so if neighbors see stray cats please be aware the cats could belong to the homeowner.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.