Hike & Bike Trail Enters New Phase

A portion of the city is under construction for a hike and bike trail. A $1.9 million dollar project is underway on Barnett Road and Seymour Highway.

It runs between Tanglewood Drive off Seymour Highway and the railroad tracks.  And then from Johnson Road to Lake Wichita. This is part of the hike and bike trail that will circle the entire city.

This project has been on going on for more than 20 years, but once complete a trail will circle the entire city.

On some portions of Barnett Road it's nothing more than grass and dirt but give it some time and it'll look similar to the trail at Lucy Park. The hike and bike trail that encircles the city is a popular destination for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

"The wind blows so nice, so fresh," said Jose Ramos.

"It's safe because it's separate from car traffic," said Jack Murphy with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Many portions of the project are already complete, like the trail that connects from Lake Wichita to Hamilton Park and Lucy Park. Some portions on Seymour Highway and Lake Wichita are parts that have not been touched. One section is currently under construction.

"It's on Seymour Highway and Barnett Road it's about 3. 5 miles long they two trails combined and at this moment we're about 30 percent complete," said Murphy.

Crews are putting concrete on the trail and while it may cost more than asphalt it endures the thousands of cyclists, hikers and runners.

"To witness to that benefit is Lucy Park. When you walk the trail you look at it and you see there's hardly any deterioration and that's the payoff."

The cost of this particular phase is $1.9 million dollars and should be finished late summer. TXDOT is helping to fund a large portion of it.  Once this area is complete, it's off to another site until the entire the city connects through one loop.

The entire trail is 23 miles and will be complete in the next few years.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.