Polls Open For Florida Primary

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - The polls are open in Florida for a primary that Mitt Romney hopes will give him a stronger hand in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Romney is heavily favored in the primary -- the final contest, and a pivotal one, in a month of high-stakes elections. He has one win and two second-place finishes so far.

In Palm Beach this morning, investment adviser Julian Stoopler said he's always liked Gingrich, but ultimately decided to give his vote to former business leader Romney. He says the country needs "a CEO to turn it around."

But in Miami's Little Havana, car salesman Osvaldo Mitat favored Gingrich because of his "commitment to the Cuban community." He says Gingrich's past personal life doesn't bother him -- Mitat has been divorced four times himself.

Gingrich has acknowledged that his momentum has slowed, but he's promising not to back down -- saying the party is not going to nominate "a liberal Republican."

Romney's campaign canceled a rally this morning, but scheduled a celebration tonight in Tampa. Gingrich is making a series of appearances before gathering with supporters tonight in Orlando.