Vernon Residents Protest Police Department

Many residents in Vernon are speaking out against the police department.

They held a protest Monday night accusing officers of civil rights violations such as harassment and stalking. Residents told our Newschannel 6 crew most of the police department is good, it's just a couple of officers who are making it bad for everyone else. Protestors talked about how they're scared to go out and are tired of being quote, "harassed."

Newschannel 6 contacted the Vernon Police Department and spoke with Chief W.T. Wilson. Wilson declined to comment on the story.

The City Manager he released information on racial profiling.

In a Partial Racial Profiling Reporting from January 2011 to December 2011 officers stopped more Caucasians than any other ethnicity. The breakdown is:

Caucasian: 665

Hispanic: 468

African: 114

Middle Eastern: 2

Native American: 2

Asian: 0

These numbers are compiled strictly from motor vehicle stops, and resulted in a total of 1,251 citations. The report shows no arrests were made in any of these stops and officers only conducted seven searches.