Habitat for Humanity Plans 100th House Build

Habitat for Humanity in Wichita Falls is looking forward to building it's 100th home.  A big accomplishment for the organization, that is also celebrating it's 20th anniversary.

Habitat for Humanity's local branch has always been a community effort and this 100th build is no different.  One Texoma woman is proud to call her Habitat for Humanity house her home. She shared just how much this organization has been a help to her and her family.

"It was huge.  It was a huge blessing.  It was so huge that I had to pinch myself," says home owner Nayna Torres

Nayna and her family have been living in their Habitat for Humanity home for 3 years.  She recalls what a relief it was when she stumbled upon the organization in her time of need.

She says, "After so many realtors and let downs I kind of thought that the only house we could afford was the kind of house that nobody would want to live in."

The stress of not being able to find a home weighed heavy on her and her family.

"We had moved seven times and that was tough in itself having to constantly keep moving and then living with people you feel like such a burden," she says.

But that was before she was introduced to Habitat for Humanity by a friend.  Within six months of signing up Nayna and her family moved into to their first home.

"You don't find too many people especially an organization who will help you as much as Habitat of Humanity has," she says.

Since moving into the home, Nayna says it has really been a positive thing for her children.  "And that to me touched me the most because I wanted it for my children."

Habitat for Humanity is looking forward to impacting the lives of more families.  The organization is showing their ongoing commitment to the community through the building of their 100th house.  A representative says they are looking to the community to raise the money needed for the home.

"We need help from anyone who has any items that they would put in our silent auction," says Lauren Correll with Habitat for Humanity.

100% of the proceeds will go towards the build scheduled to begin later this month.  Nayna says she hopes the next family to receive their Habitat for Humanity home will be as impacted as her and her family were.  "It's a wonderful feeling to have your own house, your own home," Torres says.

With the help of the community and volunteers, they are able to build about eight to nine homes in Wichita Falls each year.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.