Only On 6: Behind the Scenes with Skywarn 6

From February freezes, to droughts, to tornadoes—mother nature isn't always kind to Texoma.

I sat down with Matt Posgai, John Cameron, and chief meteorologist Ken Johnson to find out about the challenges they face when forecasting the weather.

"I don't want my viewers to feel cheated so I put together something easy, something creative, and I want to be as accurate as I possibly can, those are the three main things when putting together a weather forecast," said Ken.

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It was clear in talking to these guys that the passion to forecast the weather starts taking root early in life.

John said,"I think my initial interest, the thing I really liked, strangely enough were maps and geography... I completely nerded out as a child. You'd see the weatherman on TV, and there's this big glorious map behind him."

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"It was definitely when I was around five years old," Matt said.

"When I was a kid, I used to be terrified of the weather... it was that terror that eventually turned into a fascination," said Ken.

And eventually put Ken within throwing distance of a twister.

"Back in my college days we used to do a little storm chasing. I would actually make trips from Mississippi out to here to chase tornados a couple of times a year."

"What is the closest you've ever been to a tornado?" I asked the other two.

John said, "Maybe a mile and a half, which by today's standards is a pretty fair distance. Some people try to drive right in to them, I'll never understand that!"

Matt said, "About 20 feet away. When I was around 7. It went down the road straight at our vehicle, when it got about 20 feet away from us, it swerves across the road, then tore up parts of the roof of a furniture store."

Texoma has seen it's fair share of tornado damage, you can even find our area on the record books after Terrible Tuesday.

The Skywarn 6 storm team will always be ready when severe weather strikes.

I had Ken show me how he forecasts the weather.

The first item on our weather guy's agenda when they start their shift is to check our web site,

"I got to look at the web site to make sure everything is working right; The radar is updating correctly, all of our weather graphics are updating," said Ken.

After that, they look at satellite imagery.

"As you can see we have a lot of clouds around, We have a storm system that's moving across southwest Texas on this afternoon."

Ken says he next looks at computer weather model data.

"This basically gives us a bit of an idea as to what's going on in the atmosphere. It tells us where storm systems are located, about temperatures and precipitation."

"Then Ken takes the information from the models and applies his own knowledge of how these weather patterns typically behave in this area to predict such things as temperature and precipitation.

Finally he takes the data from his forecast to build the graphics that are displayed on air during the broadcast

I then asked the guys to tell me what their perfect day is weather wise.

Ken said "I like sunshine, hardly a cloud in the sky, 55 degrees with no wind. You're not hot, you're not cold, you can have on a pair of blue jeans. I like the winter season because around here we get a lot of those days."

I don't think it gets much better than when its one, two o'clock in the afternoon and the sun is shining and its about 75 degrees, to me that's perfect," said John.

If we were to have a situation where we had "thunder snow", I think that would be exciting to me," said Matt.

Eric Crosslin - Newschannel 6