Henrietta is Working on Cleaner and Safer Water

Big changes are coming to Henrietta. Its water treatment plant is undergoing adjustments after sampling results show an unbalance in water levels. Newschannel 6 crews toured the water treatment plant. City officials say residents will now have cleaner and safer water.

Henrietta's water treatment plant has already made adjustments. Crews are working to ensure residents have cleaner and safer water. Troy Potts, Public Works Director comments, "We believe that this process that we've instituted will lower that amount."

Potts says an exceeded amount of the compound total trihalomethanes was found in Hentrietta's water. State officials from the Texas Commission On Environmental did the testing.
Potts says since the city has been informed the water process has been changed. Also, water distribution lines are now being flushed out more often to bring in fresh water. Potts comments "The longer the water sits in the pipes out in the distribution system, your chlorine goes away. You have to do maintenance flushing in order to keep your chlorine level up."

More changes are on the way for Henrietta's water treatment plant. Potts says with a loan from the Texas Water Development Board the city is installing a new raw water line and adding two elevated storage tanks. The tanks will hold twice as much water then the current one. Potts comments, "That's going to increase our efficiency and our process that we do at the water plant."

Residents are excited to hear they will soon have cleaner fresher water running through their water faucets.

City officials say the treatment plant has until August to fix the unbalance in the water. They add if people drink water containing the compound TTHM over many years serious health complications can happen.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6