USDA Rural Home Repair Program Funding Available

Texoma senior citizens needing home repairs might be eligible for funding. The USDA Rural Development Program is providing the assistance for home repairs in rural areas.

Many Texoma senior citizens are forced to stretch their pocket books month to month, making needed home repairs a last resort. Donna Cervantez, Director of Clay County Senior Citizens Center comments, "There are a lot of homes out here that are low income and there are senior citizens that do need repairs. I feel like sometimes they are embarrassed to ask or they don't want to be the burden on someone else. But there's times they need to realize that they do need the help."

And the help is there. The USDA Rural Development's Decatur office has a Rural Development Loan and Grant Program to help repair homes in rural areas. qualified recipients can use the money to repair or renovate roofs, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, or make their home wheelchair accessible. Something Donna Cervantez says some Clay County senior citizens desperately need. She says, "Before you know it a little drip might turn into a big leak. Then they have to get a new floor or walls get damaged. I don't think they understand that one little small thing can turn into a big thing."

Funding is limited and officials say it is on a first come first serve basis. We have a link to the USDA website just click here. You can also check with the senior citizens center in your area to see if it has applications available.

A USDA representative will visit the Clay County Senior Citizen Center on March 5th to answer any questions about the program. She will also help those interested fill out an application.
The meeting starts at noon. Lunch will be provided with a $5.00 donation.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6