Trainer Donates Dog To Help Texoma Man

Justin Davis lives with seizures. He had a seizure alert dog, but the situation didn't work out and he was unable to keep the animal. He reached out to Newschannel 6 for assistance. We put him in touch with a Texoma animal trainer, and the story of desperation turned into one of heartwarming generosity.

It started when Davis contacted Eamon "Dogman" Riley. "I guess God kicked me in the side of the head 'you've got a dog out here that would make a perfect dog for Justin'," said Dogman. He donated a German Shepherd named "Vaughn" and training associated in making him a seizure alert dog for Justin.

"This is the greatest dog I've seen in a long time he looks a whole lot better than the one I had… And I'm real sure I'm going to be trained great to take care of this dog and this dog is going to take care of me," Justin said.

"The dog has been trained, now I got to train Justin, and basic training is going to be about six months the advanced training is going to be another six months," Dogman said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6