Only On 6: Food Stamps on the Rise

Putting food on the table is getting harder for many families in Texoma, which has more families turning to food stamps. The latest numbers show 45.8 million people are on the government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, some of it's highest numbers yet.
Texas Works Supervisor Robin Sawyer said SNAP is not meant provide all of their food needs, but to help ease the burden.
Sawyer says the number of residents trying to get food stamps is pretty consistent in the county, thanks to recent jobs added in the area.
However the number of people who rely on the service is high at 17,000 to 18,000 people.
"A lot of it, they had a job they were getting unemployment. The unemployment ran out and they haven't found a job yet." said Sawyer
Not to mention the basic cost of living is rising. Leaving many, who never needed it asking for help.Sawyer says they don't have a way to track the number of first time people relying on help, but is quick to add that  there are always brand new cases.
This past year Sawyer says an additional 676 people qualified for SNAP from October to December.
In the county, the number for October was 17,462, in December it shot up to 18,138 people.
A yearly trend they see after school starts.
Sawyer says the rise in utility bills come winter, also causes people to pull money  they normally would use for food, to pay bills.
You can apply at the office and by simply heading the Texas Health and Human Services Commission website just click here.
You can also get more information by calling 211.
A Human Services Hotline, ready to answer any questions you have, and  connect you with the right agency.