French Quarter Fire - Heroes Braving Flames

As flames began  to tear through the French Quarter Apartments, an ad-hoc group of heroes rose to the occasion; sounding the alert and potentially saving lives.

Fire broke out around 9:00 p.m. Sunday night. Neighbors rushed out to see what was going on. Basically you couldn't see anything, all smoke and all fire," said Austin Weaver. He came down the block in the dark to get a look. Through the darkness he couldn't see his brother-in-law, Chris Radke, racing to help those inside.

Radke and his wife happened to be driving by when they saw the smoke. "We jumped out and my wife called 911," said the former Army Corporal. Radke rushed to help let people know about the fire. He wasn't alone.

At the same time, Yvonne Boyd and her son Dylan were returning from a Super Bowl party. "We saw the smoke and we drove over and just started running door to door, banging on windows and screaming and getting everybody out," she said.

Dylan, just 18, noticed flames starting to engulf the roof. The teen raced up the stairs. "I started banging on the doors. I knew that one was going to catch probably, so I got them out," Dylan said. Most of the resident had no idea their homes were engulfed in flames. "They were like what's going on? What do you mean the house is on fire?" said Radke.

The scene was chaos. "It was just a scary feeling, knowing that any apartment could be in danger," said Weaver who watched the fire crews work. "The roof just gave way and it went up in flames," he said.

As a crowd gathered, word spread about actions of the Boyds and Radkes. "The lady across the street tried saying I was a hero, no I was just here at the right time. I don't think I'm a hero at all," said Radke. "I wouldn't call myself a hero, I think the heroes are the firemen and the police. We risk our lives going in, not knowing what we were going into but you don't really think about that in crisis, you just want to make sure everybody gets out," said Yvonne Boyd. "I'm just glad that they got out safe and nobody got hurt," added her son.

While the team of saviors won't have any of the hero moniker, knowing the actions of those involved makes Weaver feel glad to live in Texoma. "I have to say that its a wonderful community to live in," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6