French Quarter Fire: The American Red Cross Steps In

The American Red Cross is helping French Quarter Apartment residents, left homeless due to the fire.  The Red Cross in Wichita Falls responded to the scene Sunday night. Workers continued to help the displaced victims.  A Red Cross representative says all fire victims who lost their homes are staying at the Red Roof Inn.  It's just one way the they are helping.

"We try to take care of people for the first three or four days after a fire," says Katrina Farmer, the Executive Director of the North Central Texas American Red Cross.

Farmer says the first few days after a traumatic experience are the most crucial.  Volunteers arrived at the scene last night ready to help.

She says, "Our volunteers responded and put everybody into a hotel that didn't have any other place to stay."

For the next three days displaced residents will have a place to sleep.  Farmer says seven apartments were destroyed while another five suffered minor damages, but residents will not be displaced for long.

"The apartment complex said that they do have available apartments they are going to move people into those," Farmer says.

But for many, more than their apartments were lost.

"Today the clients have been coming in to get clothing and food and other services that we can give them," says Farmer.

Fire victims were all given debit cards with an undisclosed amount of money to help them get back on their feet, but the Red Dross does not stop there.  Mental counseling and emotional support is also provided to all of their clients.

"It's not just giving people money and food.  It's giving them a hug, it's holding their hand, it's helping lead them down that path those first few steps," Farmer explains.

Financial donations are always needed at the Red Cross.  Every dollar will help residents get back on their feet.  You can make a donation at 1809 5th Street, Wichita Falls.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.