Reaching out to Texoma Veterans

The rough economy is causing more Texoma veterans to seek support for the first time.

Wichita County Veteran's Office says the need is out there right now. Veterans are needing help to file claims and paperwork. Service officers are keeping busy by helping vets in surrounding counties.

Donald Adams, Vietnam Veteran who lives in Vernon comments, "This is a big help and a service. It's a good deed that they are doing coming out to Vernon to help us veterans." Adams waited patiently in line at the Vernon's Veterans Office. He does not have a way to get to Wichita Falls so he is getting much needed help to file paperwork. Adams says, "Now that I'm having a little conflict with the paperwork these people are going to help me get things figured out."

Marcia Rossi, a Wichita County Vet Officer travels to surrounding counties to help vets just like Adams. Rossi comments, "Right now there are a lot of people who are turning to the VA for support for any monetary help that they can get." She says in a rough economy more vets are coming forth finally asking for help.

Rossi helps vets and widows file claims for pension, disability, home loans, and medical care, which not an easy process. In addition she adds, "It's so much confusion to a veteran when they get this letter and it says all this stuff and they think, what is this telling me. It's easier to come to the benefits office and let the councilor go through it and explain what they need."
More Vietnam Veterans are stepping forward in Texoma, something Rossi is happy to see because Texoma wants to take care of its military vets.

If you are a veteran needing assistance you can call the Wichita County Veteran's Office at 
(940) 716 - 8599. They can answer your questions or refer you to your local VA Office. The VA Office recommends anyone needing help to call and make an appointment.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6