Syrian Forces Renew Bombardment In Homs

BEIRUT (AP) - Activists say at least 20 people have been killed in the Syrian city of Homs Thursday, continuing a weeklong assault by Syrian forces who've fired mortars and rockets on the city.

Homs has become the focus of both resistance and reprisal in the 11-month uprising against President Basher Assad.

In the latest operation, which began Saturday, government forces have been shelling residential areas as they try to root out any resistance and retake control of the city of 1 million people. Activists say hundreds are believed to have been killed in this latest bombardment.

Meanwhile, a senior Arab League official says the organization will discuss next week whether to recognize the opposition Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of Syria and whether to allow it to open offices in Arab capitals.

Foreign ministers from the 22-member Arab league are scheduled to meet in Cairo Sunday.