New Center Helps Community

The Bowie Community Center has only been open for six months and is already boosting the economy.  We first brought you the story in July when the staff was preparing for its grand opening.

The community center is offering more to Bowie residents and helping the city hold on to one of its oldest traditions.

"It's been real good.  I think it's something we needed," says Clyde Johnson, Director of Bowie Parks and Recreation.

Johnson says the Bowie Community Center has fulfilled its goal.  It's bringing business and recreation to Bowie residents.

He says, "They don't have to go out of town and we can bring things to Bowie."

Concerts, events, and banquets held at the community center means money is spent and kept in Bowie.

"It's worked real well.  There are a lot of good things planned," Johnson says.

Already there's been weddings, sporting events and parties at the center.  It's also helping to keep one of Bowie's oldest traditions going.

Bonnie Kinder, an office assistant at the center says,"Once a month we have Second Monday which we have all the vendors all the way through here."

The market has been in Bowie for over 100 years.  Kinder says in this economy, flea markets are a hard tradition to keep alive.  This new building is helping to keep this market open.

"We're getting a lot of good feedback on it.  I think it'll probably be here forever.  People like that Second Monday," she says.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.