Rider Theatre Presents 'A Piece Of My Heart'

Rider High School Theatre Presents Shirley Lauro's 'A Piece of My Heart.'  This production is recommended for ages 12 and over due to mature themes and war violence.  Please, no children age five and under.

The plot is of the inspiring true stories of six courageous women sent to Vietnam, and their heart-wrenching struggle to make sense of a war that irrevocably changed them, and a nation that shunned them. The drama centers on a career Army woman, an American Red Cross volunteer, a Navy Nurse, two Army nurses, an entertainer, and the men that surround their lives. Told in flashback, the play moves through a twenty-year period from the time they are sent to Viet Nam until they reunite for a ceremony at The Wall in DC. A visionary work with music of a tumultuous period in our history.

Performance Dates:

Friday, February 10                7:30 Performance

Saturday, February 11            7:30 Performance

Sunday, February 12               2:30 Performance

Tuesday, February 14             7:30 Performance

The Place:

The Rider Auditorium


Students                                  $ 4.00

Adults                                     $ 5.00