Induced Labor Lets Dying Texas Man See Daughter

DALLAS (AP) - The birth of a Texas baby is bittersweet.

Her mother, 31-year-old Diane Aulger, had her labor induced in January so her husband could see their child before he died.

Mark Aulger was diagnosed with colon cancer in April. Surgery and chemotherapy seemed successful, but then he developed pulmonary fibrosis, which thickens the lungs. On Jan. 16, the couple learned the condition was deadly.

When Diane Aulger asked how long her husband had, the response was a sobering five or six days. Their daughter wasn't due for another two weeks, so they decided to have labor induced.

Mark Aulger held his daughter Savannah for about 45 minutes after her birth. Diane Aulger says "he cried and he just looked very sad."

Her husband died five days later at age 52.