BBB Warns Of Villainous Valentine's Day Phishing Scams

The Better Business Bureau of North Texas warns of specific phishing emails this time of year. Phishing e-mails are a common way for hackers to get at your personal information or break into your computer. Common phishing e-mails around this time of year include Valentine e-cards and messages pretending to be from companies like the IRS, Medicaid or other government entities demanding your response.

Don't click on any links or open any attachments to e-mails until you have confirmed that they are not malicious. Some indications are:
· E-mail addresses that don't match up
· typos and grammatical mistakes are common red flags of a malicious phishing e-mail
· Also beware of unsolicited e-mails from companies with which you have no association
· Make sure you have current antivirus software and that all security patches have been installed on the computer.

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