Teachers Work Overtime to Help Students

Teachers at Sam Houston Elementary are working to help struggling students.  They started a program called the Homework Club this year when they noticed students having a hard time to get work done at home.  With the Homework Club, teachers are doing their part to ensure the kids have every chance to succeed.

"It's to make a difference and to help these kids," says teacher, Mariela Barreto.

Teachers believe a little extra work can go a long way.  The Homework Club is proof.  The staff started the after school program this year when they noticed more students struggling to get homework turned in.

Assistant Principal Shane Porter, says," Sending homework home and knowing that the majority of it may not be coming back.  Especially knowing the home situations."

Every child's situation is different.  For some it's busy family schedules that make homework a challenge, but for many more it's the stresses of home life that keep them from their work.

Porter says, "A lot of times the families are simply just struggling."

Language barriers also make things difficult.  They say about 60% of Sam Houston students speak a different language at home.  That makes homework a challenge for parents.

"They take homework home and parents unfortunately are unable to help them because they aren't able to read and write in English," says Barreto.

That's when teachers step in.  They give their time after school working overtime with struggling students.

"We just stay out of the goodness of our heart.  We don't get paid extra," says Kim Schobert, a teacher who helps with the after school program.

And its making a difference.

Barreto says, "Grades are doing better and the kids are happier because they come to class and they are proud that their homework is done.  This is just one more thing we can do to help them be successful."

Sam Houston Elementary also has a program for non-English speaking parents.  They offer free Rosetta Stone classes to parents, helping to bridge the language barrier.

 Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.