Banking on the Snow

When Winter Weather rolls in, things get nasty. Roads are slick and wet, dirty water gets on everything, but especially cars. "Its not nice and it smears everywhere and your car is all dirty," said Paula Beeman. She was one of many customers Tuesday at All American Super Carwash on Southwest Parkway.

As soon as the weather clears out, car washes see a boom in business. "Every time we get the bad weather, the next day out comes the sun and we get so busy," said Raul Escobar, manager of the business.

Escobar says they are forced to close down on wet days. The days after nasty weather more than evens it out."We make up for all those days that we were closed," he said. The workers have a lot to tackle. "Its just got a film on it and then when you use your wipers and things it just gets even worse. You've got to do something about it," said Beeman of her car. Something the car wash crew is pleased to take care of. "We like it, we love it. All the guys get to work and make sure the customers are happy," said Escobar.