Second Chances: The Christian Women's and Men's Job Corps

A second chance in life is just around the corner for many Texomans. The Christian Women's and Men's Job Corps agency is mentoring for success.

Sarah Smith and Jenny Custard are two students who have chosen to make a change. Sarah comments, "I'm getting closer to God, I'm getting my education, and I plan to go to college." But an important step in order to succeed in the Christian Women's and Men's Job Corps Program is wanting change. Gabriela Nesbitt, Executive Director of the program says, "Change is not easy, change is very difficult. But I believe that when a student has a made up their mind and their heart to want to change, the process starts coming into their lives."

Nesbitt says they get students  from all walks of life, but the majority of them usually come from a troubled past. Nesbitt says each student is trained to become a better well rounded person. Nesbitt comments "You can't pick and choose your classes. It's a program that is built to help an individual in all aspects of life, the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual aspect of life."

Students get training on parenting, anger management, and setting boundaries. They get trained on basic computer skills, job skills, and can get their GED. But the Christian Job Corps is seeing a trend of younger generations. In most cases the young adults are raising children and one of the programs goal is to build those relationships. Nesbitt says, "The mother and daughter relationships and the father and the son relationships are reunited."

Each program will last 14 weeks and there are two sessions a year. Students have to apply to get enrolled and have to be older than 18 years old. If you are interested in joining The Christian Women's and Men's Job Corps you need to apply.  You can reach them at (940) 687-0601.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6