Wichita County Man Charged With Arson and Kidnapping

A Wichita County man is facing charges of arson and aggravated kidnapping. Burkburnett police arrested Monty Allen Brown, 44, February 7.

The victim told police Brown jumped into her car while she was trying to leave his house the night before. She said he pulled a knife out and threatened to kill her.

The victim said after driving around for an hour, she pulled into a driveway of a vacant house and got out and ran. She said Brown knocked her down and punched her. She said she was able to get away.

Police say the next day, Brown was seen at the victim's house. She said she heard an explosion and saw her car on fire. Police questioned brown and he admitted to being at her house when the fire happened.

Brown is charged with arson and aggravated kidnapping. He is in the Wichita County jail on a $125,000 bond.