Fresh Fruit and Veggies: Vernon Farmer's Market

Vernon residents will soon have the option of buying fresh produce. Farmers and gardeners will be selling their fruits and vegetables in the downtown square for Vernon Farmer's Market.

Vernon's downtown square will soon house a farmer's market filling the streets with local produce, flowers, and good food. Monica Wilkinson, Vice President of the Vernon Farmer's Market Association says, "There's a lot of farmers and gardeners who needed an outlet to sell some of the produce that they grow."

Wilkinson says coming off a drought stricken summer Vernon's agriculture is still thriving.
Bringing the market to town gives local farmers a new source of income and also benefits the local economy. Wilkinson comments, "Any time that you have people spending money in your town it's going to boost your economy. But further more you have people buying and selling vegetables on the downtown square, so I think it's a win for everybody."

Bringing Vernon's downtown square back to life Saturday morning is the goal. Wilkinson adds, "Years ago everybody use to come to town on a Saturday morning and that would be a market day. You would go to town and buy groceries so it's nostalgic to have people coming down to the square on Saturday morning again." Vernon Farmer's Market will not only increase the quality of life, but build and grow relationships. "

Vernon Farmers Market will kick off May 19th and last through September 22nd. There's a limited amount of spaces for vendors, so city officials encourage people interested to sign up soon.

To find out more information about Vernon Farmer's Market, click here to visit the City of Vernon's website, or click here to visit Vernon Farmer's Market facebook page.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6