Missing Toddler's Dad Not Fighting Extradition

The man who is accused of taking off with his biological child and ending up with her in Florida is not fighting extradition.

Jefferson County District Attorney Jason Hicks said Bradley Goodson waived his right to fight extradition and should be back in Oklahoma to face charges next week.

17-month-old Aubrey Goodson was back in her mom's arms in Waurika on Sunday after going missing February 3rd.

Police said Goodson took her to West Palm Beach, Florida. Florida police said Goodson rented an apartment under a false name. The woman who rented the apartment to him felt a little suspicious. She became even more concerned when he said the child was named Emily, but then called her Aubrey.  The woman did some checking on the Internet and realized the child was missing. Palm Beach media reported the woman, who's also a mother, told Goodson she was taking the kids to the museum, but instead went straight to police.

West Palm Beach police said Goodson was arrested on Saturday, he is returning to Oklahoma to face charges.