Paying More at the Pump

Gas prices could be topping $4 dollars a gallon come spring time in Texas. Other parts of the country like Hawaii and California have already reached that dollar mark. Nationwide gas prices average $3.55 a gallon. That's up from $3.53 Saturday and $3.16 a year ago.

It's a trip Cyndie Davidson makes often, "I'm headed to Amarillo from the Wise County area." But she's not used to paying as much to fill up her tank. "Unfortunately, it looks like it's about $78 dollars, close to 24 gallons."

Over the past several weeks the cost to fill up is slowly increasing.
A month ago in Texas we were paying an average of $3.24. The current average is $3.47.
For a 15-gallon tank that's about an extra $3.50 coming out of your wallet.

Vernon resident Shane Castleberry travels about 2,000 to 3,000 miles a month for work. He's paying more at the pump and because of that he switched to a smaller vehicle, still he's feeling the pinch

"It's adding up to $200 dollars a month for me," he said.

Experts say because of tensions in Iran, a cold snap in Europe and rising demand from developing nations the price of oil is increasing and it's reflecting in our wallets and travel.

"I do consider traveling less. Vacations will be a shorter distance," said Castleberry. "We drive to Arizona quite a bit, we may not be doing quite so much of that.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.