Noah's Ark Outreach Helps Texomans

A Texoma outreach is working hard to help the community.  Noah's Ark Outreach provides clothes and food for those in need.  Right now the outreach is struggling, but they continue to impact lives.

Pastor Judge E. Smith and the New Birth Baptist Church opened Noah's Ark Outreach seven years ago.  Although they're struggling financially right now, it's not slowing them down.

"2011 was very difficult for us to try to keep our pantry filled with enough food to handle the increase," says Pastor Smith.

He began Noah's Ark Outreach years ago.  It was the growing number of homeless that made him and his church members open their doors.

"There are families that are living on the street," Pastor Smith says.  The number of people in need continues to grow each year.  "We just live in some tough times now and so we have seen perhaps a 50% increase."

Volunteers say people with young children come to the outreach the most.

"Single parents, single mothers, single fathers," says Lynnette Galloway, a volunteer for over two years.  "They come in because they have lost their jobs or have just moved here from out of town and have no place to go."

The building is small and the shelves are not always fully stocked, but it's the stories the volunteers hear that remind them the work they do is making a difference.

Pastor Smith says,"We are happy about that. We believe that we have played a great role, we have made an impact, we have made a difference and we are just going to continue to strive."

The outreach has had a rough few years dealing with their own finances in a tough economy. Still they plan to give what they can.  Right now the outreach is working to open a soup kitchen to continue helping Texomans in need.

"They would know for sure that they have a friend in town and that friend is Noah's Ark," says Pastor Smith.

Noah's Ark Outreach is open Fridays from 11a.m. to 4p.m.  They are located at 701 Harding St.  You can reach them at (940) 264-6624.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.