Faith Mission's Quiet Winter

This mild Texoma winter is having an effect on Texomans. Faith Mission officials say fewer people are coming in seeking food and shelter. The mission is seeing hundreds less every month and there are many reasons for the drop.

Faith Mission has seen many changes this year; a new director, a new marketing director and fewer people asking for help.

"We're speculating around here is the mild winter has kept people out and they'll go and choose to live outside, in an abandoned building or in their car," said Marketing Director Vicky Payne.

December 2010 (3261) and January 2011 (3010) Faith Mission housed an average of 3,100.
And they're housing about 2,700 this winter, but that's not the most drastic of changes.

In December 2010 they fed 9,249 people. January 2011 they fed 8,905. Volunteers fed 8,244 this past December and more than 8,200 people came to Faith Mission the first month of this year. That's 1,000 less stomachs to fill, still the need is great.

"That's an on-going need, food has to be replenished on a daily basis," said Payne.

Inside their panty food is stocked high on shelves and volunteers are still continuing
to serve meals seven days a week. While the mild winter is having an effect on people coming to Faith Mission Vicki Payne believes it's also part of their client restructuring process.

"Plug them into somewhere where they can improve themselves. If it's getting skills refer them to that place. If it's getting housing refer them to that,"

2012 is a year of change for Faith Mission.

"That's a God of second changes, we get to start fresh!"

A year that continues to help those in need no matter how much or as this year has shown, how little.

Marketing Director Vicky Payne says Faith Mission is still getting food from organizations and the food bank. But she says donations are always welcome.

Items needed at Faith Mission:

Beef bouillon, chicken bouillon, baking powder, black pepper, salt, bisquick, corn meal, corn starch, flour, canned fruit, eggs, meat, milk, powdered milk, shredded & sliced cheese, bleach, laundry detergent, masking tape, toilet paper, tooth paste, plastic drinking cups, cereal bowls, spoons and forks.

Here are other ways you can help Faith Mission. The agency is raffling off a log cabin at this weekends Home & Garden show. It's $5 a ticket. And you can also win a motorcycle!
Faith Mission & Red River Harley Davidson are raffling of a motorcycle for $50 a ticket. You can contact Faith Mission for more information at 723-5663.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.