Quanah Councilman Charged with Intoxication-Assault

A Quanah Councilman is out on bail. Councilman Steve Williams was arrested and charged with intoxication-assault. The councilman is accused of getting drunk and hitting two residents. Hardeman County Sheriff Mance Nelson says the incident happened around 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

The incident happened on South Main and West 13th. Remnants of the crash glimmer along the pavement. Colleagues of Bill Price had just left his main street home after having a meeting.
Norma Trolinder, a woman in her 70's and Matt Martin a young man in his 20's were standing along the curb on 13th Street when Norma says she was about to get inside her Ford Expedition, but ended up under it.

"Matt heard the vehicle coming and pushed her against the Expedition, that's what saved her from taking most of the impact," said Bill Price.

Newschannel 6 spoke to Norma over the phone. She credits Matt for saving her life. If he had never pushed her out of the way, she would of been hit, head-on, instead Matt took the hit.
Norma says Matt was hit and then ran-over. Norma was also ran-over but from her own vehicle. The impact from the accident forced her vehicle to move while she was thrown under it. Authorities say the driver was Steve Williams a long term city council member, local business owner and volunteer firefighter. He was later charged with intoxication-assault and posted $40,000 bail Monday morning.

"He's good family guy," said Price. "He's got two girls, active with the community, supports the 4-H program."

Both Norma Trolinder and Matt Martin are recovering in their homes after being released from the Quanah Hospital. Sheriff Nelson says his office is waiting on the results of a blood sample taken at the scene. Quanah City Manager Paula Wilson says councilors have not decided whether Steve will remain on the board. It will be discussed at a later date.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.