Texoma Fish Hatchery On Chopping Block

State officials will probably close the Dundee Fish Hatchery because of low water levels in lakes that feed it.

Hatcheries program director Todd Engeling said Wednesday that would mean fewer fish available to sportsmen this year. A decision on whether to temporarily close the hatchery will come in the next two weeks.

Dundee's 97 ponds and 84 acres of water represent 34 percent of Texas' available capacity for freshwater fish production. The Texoma facility is where striped bass and hybrid striped bass are primarily produced. The hatchery is south of Holliday in Archer County.

Officials at the hatchery said if the facility closes, all employees will be sent to other hatcheries.

Engeling says there will be no short-time impact on the number of those species if operations at Dundee are suspended because production will shift to other hatcheries.

Largemouth bass production would be impacted by the shift.