Rising From the Ashes: Henrietta Home Destroyed in Fire

Today the Waters family is starting to pick up the pieces and move on from a tragedy. Their home was destroyed and we have learned it is the basic necessities they need most.

As Becky Waters walks up and down the isles at Walmart looking to replace clothes burnt to ashes in the flames, she is reminded of the aftermath. Becky tells us, "We just sat across the street because there was really nothing else that we could do. We watched the firefighters and that's basically all that I could do.'

The damage to the home is so severe the Waters family cannot live there anymore. Becky says seeing her home only brings one thing to mind. She comments, "Thank God we weren't home and I'm very fortunate that we are all ok. A home can be replaced, but my children, my husband, and me, we cannot be." Becky's six children all ranging from 2 to 18 years old were all at school or day care when the fire broke out. They too are trying to understand why it happened. Becky says, "My 8 year old, 6, and 4 year old they all cried because their toys were gone and somebody brought a toy box filled with toys. That was wonderful because the kids thought it was Christmas."

Community members gathered in numbers until 10 Tuesday night and all donating necessities.
Becky comments, "There's a lot of comfort in that. We might not have a house but we have a community that cares so much more then we would of ever imagined." And all the support eases the pain for the Waters family. "We're very grateful that all of us are safe. All that stuff we lost can be replaced over time."

The Waters family is staying temporarily with a family member who lives right across the street from their destroyed home. Becky tells us it is difficult to be so close and have to see her fire ravaged home every time she passes.

You can help the Waters family by donating anything from furniture to diapers. Donations can be dropped off at their temporary resident at 215 East Lamar Street in Henrietta.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6