Military Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Teen

An Air National Guardsman is facing sexual assault charges. 19 year old Benjamin Zollinger is accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year old.

The reported incident happened about a year ago. Wichita Falls police say the teen told them she was spending the night at a hotel in the 400 block of Broad with some friends.

The victim says Zollinger approached her and her friends. The teen says she wasn't feeling well and went to lay down. She says Zollingger laid next to her and sexually assaulted her.

Police say Zollinger admitted to having come into contact with the teen but denied sexually assaulting her. DNA samples were taken from the scene. Officials say the samples was consistent with a mixture of DNA from Zollinger and the victim.

Zollinger is charged with sexual assault. He is a member of the Tennessee Air National Guard and was at Sheppard Air Force Base for training at the time of the incident. He was booked at the Wichita County Jail on a $750,000 bond.