Father Accused Of Killing Unborn Child

A Montague County man is accused of killing his unborn child.  The Montague County Sheriff said Michael Lee Cunningham beat the mother of his unborn baby, causing her to miscarry.  Officials said even though the child was not born it is considered murder.

Cunningham, 30, also faces charges for DWI and evading arrest.

Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham said, "Last night at approximately 6:46 p.m. we received a medical call of a women that was possibly having a miscarriage."

Sheriff Cunningham said an ambulance and first responder first arrived at the house in the Oak Shores Community.  They found a young woman severely beaten.

"What had happened was the victim had been beaten which actually caused the miscarriage," explained Sheriff Cunningham.

Courtney Quintana, 22, was 20 weeks pregnant.  Officials said her boyfriend, Michael Lee Cunningham, got drunk and beat her up, killing the child. Michael Lee Cunningham was the father.

The Sheriff said Cunningham had already left by the time officials got to Quintana's home.

"He had fled," said Sheriff Cunningham. "She told us that he was very intoxicated that he had fled the scene in her car."

Sheriff's Deputies found Cunningham five hours later.  There was a short chase before he was arrested for DWI and evading arrest.

An affidavit and arrest warrant were obtained Friday morning from the Justice of the Peace for the murder of his unborn child. The Murder charge carries a five to 99 year sentence, but officials said the charge could be upgraded to Capitol Murder depending on all the facts. Capitol Murder could result in the death penalty if convicted.

Michael Lee Cunningham could face additional charges for the attack on Quintana.

Sheriff Paul Cunningham said his office has been checking on Quintana's condition.  She is doing well, physically, and is expected to recover.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.