Texoma Teen Shines in Hollywood Film

A Texoma teen is a Hollywood star. Iowa Park freshman Laramie Eppler was a recognized cast member in the film "Tree of Life" starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. He played the son of Brad Pitt.

Laramie will not be going to the Oscars on Sunday so family and friends held their own red carpet celebration for the teen.

Laramie said Brad purchased a bike to practice with while shooting the film. Brad later gave the bike to Laramie.

"Brad would teach us how to power slide, where you peddle really fast and you just hit the brakes and kick out where you slide and he ruined a lot of tires doing that," he said.

He described to Newschannel 6 his first experience on camera. "We ate meatloaf for about two hours, because no one could get the scene right and I don't think I've eaten meatloaf since," said Laramie.

The movie was filmed three years ago. Laramie says he was going with a friend for an audition in South Texas when he was spotted because he looked similar to Brad Pitt.