Home & Garden Festival Rakes in Thousands of Attendees

Thousands of Texomans made their way to the MPEC for the Home & Garden Festival this weekend. Now that spring is around the corner, people wanted to get an early start on their planting supplies.

Officials with Kemp Center for the Arts said the event provides one-third of their funds for the entire year. The event is 15 years strong and organizers say a positive outlook really helped make this year's festival a success.

"We've had a terrific weekend, beautiful weather, great attendance," said Carol Sales with Kemp Center for the Arts. "We're running right at that 13,000 number for the two days which is fabulous."

Home and Garden enthusiasts were eager to jumpstart the spring planting season.

"We're hoping this year with the additional moisture we might be able to replace what we lost," said gardener Cindy Thomas.

She lost plants and flowers last year because of the Texas drought.

"We do some vegetable gardening in the backyard then we do some flowers and shrubs and stuff in the front and last year all we could do is save our shrubs with the drought."

At the show there was the typical flower and pottery booths, but you could also spot an array of other vendors that offered unique items like art and pool supplies.

For 15 years the Red River Orchid Society has been a part of the fun and excitement. This year Rob Havins brought orchids from Florida just for the show.

"We've actually sold about 10 to 15 percent more plants this year than we did last year," said Havins.

That outcome seemed to trickle down to other booths, making it a win-win for vendors and the Kemp Center.

"We at the Kemp Center benefit from the booth sales and our 53 member organizations sell tickets, and the advance tickets go to them, that's how they receive funds," said Sales.

Proceeds benefit Kemp Center for the Arts to provide artistic, cultural, and educational projects for the community. With 13,000 people roaming the MPEC the event will surely keep blossoming into the future.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.