Only On 6: Parents Head Back to Class

Times aren't changing, they've already changed. The days of teachers sending kids home with notices, tardy slips, and report cards are long gone.

The Wichita Falls Independent School District uses a social media style website called Parent Self Serve to put moms and dads in the center of their child's education. The website truly lets parents monitor almost every aspect of their child's education.

Whether you want to be notified if your child's overall GPA slips under, say, a B plus, or you'd like to know the grade of a specific assignment, Parent Self Serve has you covered.

"As a parent, I can ask the system to alert me whenever my child has a grade below a certain number of my choosing, " said Shelly Cunningham, "or if my child has a tardy or absence and have the system alert me by text or by phone call or by email, according to the standards that I've set up."

Mom and Dad can also receive alerts for tardies and absences.

Shelly's daughter Callie Cunningham said, "When it comes to being tardy and stuff, I know the consequences so I try not to do that.   But if there is a tardy, my parents already know."

Parent Self Serve can be used by families with children at any school in the district. But as great as this system is, it won't work if the parent doesn't participate.

The parent has to take the responsibility to do the checking and to set the parameters for the alerts within parent self serve. It's not something that they're automatically going to send to you.

It comes as no surprise that the level involvement varies from household to household.  Many parents are diligent.

"My parents can get a little over zealous looking at the grades because my teachers don't put in the grades sometimes exactly on time," said Cunningham.

Believe it or not, a good amount of parental units don't even bother to use Parent Self Serve at all.

As a teacher, that's frustrating.

Teachers say students always do better when parents are involved and use the Self Serve system, of course, the kiddos have mixed feelings about it!

"I personally love that my parents can always see my attendance, can see if I was tardy, it is a little scary that they can see if I've had a zero or something."

Eric Crosslin - Newschannel 6